Installing Replacement Windows

What kind of installation is right for me?

There are 2 types of window installations and they both have their advantages and disadvantages.


The first type is called "new construction" and, as the term implies, it is most often associated with new frame-up construction. The windows used in new construction have a nail fin for nailing to the frame. These windows can also be used for existing structures but require some demolition of the area surrounding the window and the subsequent rebuilding. Typically, this means stucco or woodwork on the outside and drywall or plaster on the inside. The good thing about this installation is that the windows look like they were originally built into the home. Unfortunately, this type of installation is usually too difficult for the average homeowner and is best left to a qualified installer.

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Replacement windows are simple enough for many homeowners to install themselves. They come with a large flange on the exterior part of the window, called a z-bar. This z-bar covers the old window visually and seals the new window to the stucco or wood surrounding the old window. These windows have a distinct retro-fit look after installation and some homeowners really like the look while others like the original, new construction look. You can see how they look in the "Aluminum Horizontal Sliding Window" installation section below. When ordering vinyl windows for this type of installation, they must be "Rep. Classic Vinyl" or "Rep. StyleLine Vinyl". If the new windows are UltraLine or WoodClad, always check the Z bar option at the bottom of the window building page.

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Should I Remove The Existing Frames?

Despite warnings from industry experts, some installers and homeowners still continue to remove the existing frames when installing flush-fin replacement windows. We always leave the old frame intact on our installations and strongly suggest that all of our customers follow this practice as well.

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There are a variety of styles of windows currently in homes today. In this section we will go through the process of installing:

Every window is unique and these guidelines may or may not apply to your specific window style. If you have any questions regarding the measuring or installing of windows in your home, please e-mail us and we will help you in any way we can. Remember, a digital image is always helpful in getting your point across so please include it if you feel it will help.