Milgard Windows in Portland, OR

High-quality windows can improve the appearance and efficiency of your home. We can help you purchase the most affordable Milgard windows in Portland, OR. Our certified Milgard experts are eager to guide you through our transparent purchase process so you can enjoy your new windows as soon as possible. 

Why Milgard Windows Outperform Others

Homeowners and builders look for certain criteria when choosing windows, such as energy efficiency, durability, aesthetic appeal, and functionality. Milgard products deliver on all fronts. With abundant style choices, every customer can find a look that they love, while high-quality construction and insulation ensures the windows provide long-lasting efficiency. 

Milgard didn’t forget about function either. The windows’ SmartTouch® lock and latch technology makes opening and closing the windows easy. The brand also offers several frame options, performance features, and hardware choices. Milgard found an innovative way to blend style and function seamlessly. All things considered, there’s no better choice for window replacement in Portland. 

Why The Window Store is the Best Source

At The Window Source, we strive to make each customer’s experience positive. Our pricing structure is available right on our website, so you can get a quote instantly. Our staff has substantial experience in the industry, and many members of our team were Milgard employees themselves. We know the product inside and out, which enables us to recommend the right window for each unique home. If you’re unsure which window style or frame material will work best for your house, we can help. 

In addition to being knowledgeable, our staff is friendly and attentive. We know window replacement is a big investment, and we make every effort to ensure you feel satisfied with your purchase. Our team is always happy to answer questions. 

If you’ve explored your options, and you’re ready to purchase your Milgard windows in Portland, let us help! Get a quote today to start the process.


Frequently Asked Questions

Please click here for a complete description of the order process.

We are legally bound to charge tax on all sales occurring within the State of California.

We will keep you informed throughout the entire process from the submission of your order to the receiving of your product. Our order process is simple and keeps you up-to-date every step of the way.

  1. After you have submitted your order you will receive a confirmation with your order number and a detailed description of your order. If you don't receive an email confirmation please e-mail us with your Customer Number and we will contact you.

  2. Once your order has been reviewed and sent to Manufacturing, you will receive an email which contains an estimated shipping date.

  3. After your order has been shipped you will receive an email with a tracking number that will enable you to follow your order all the way to your doorstep.

  4. Once you have received, and signed for, your order we will send a final email indicating that the order has been accepted and signed for.

Anytime throughout the order process, we encourage our customers to e-mail us with any questions.

All orders are final. However, if we made an error on your window order, we will fix the window immediately at no charge and ship them to you via FedEx Ground. If you made an error in your order, unfortunately we cannot issue a return or refund because all our windows are custom-made to your order, according to the measurements you provided. We do our best to minimize the possibility for errors by helping you measure your windows accurately. Reviewing the order confirmation, sent immediately after purchase via email, will further reduce the risk of error.

Unfortunately, there is no set price for shipping. The most you can expect to pay is $200 depending on your location and the size of your order. If you want to know how much shipping will cost you before you begin building your quote please send us your city, zip code and as much information regarding your windows as possible. We will get back to you with a shipping cost promptly.

Shipping times vary depending on the frame materials you select. We can provide you with an approximate shipping time if you send us detailed information regarding the windows you are interested in. Generally it takes a minimum of 10 - 14 business days and up to 4 -6 weeks depending on several factors. Lead times may be extended further during peak season.

Please visit our "Installing Replacement Windows" section that discusses which type of windows will be best suited for your purposes.

Yes. All Milgard windows and most of the doors are shipped standard with screens.