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Thermally Controlled LaCantina Swing Doors

The Aluminum Thermally Controlled system is the result of an extensive design process focused on energy efficiency, structural integrity and versatility featuring a narrow 2 15/16" stile and rail profile with thermal breaks throughout for improved performance. Our proprietary core and fascia design allows for split finish color options for the interior and exterior providing maximum design flexibility.

Perfect for those climates where you want to keep either the cold or hot air out and the ideal temperature in. The thermally controlled LaCantina swing doors offers the sleek and contemporary design of our Aluminum system with improved thermal performance and added features. Finish creating the ideal space in your home by choosing a thermally controlled LaCantina swing door from The Window Store.


LaCantina Doors' Aluminum Thermally Controlled swing door is offered as a complete system with the following:

  • Perfect for hot & cold climates to keep the ideal temperature in
  • Clean and narrow 2 15/16" stile & rail profile doors
  • Thicker 2 1/4" panels suitable for high wind environment
  • Panel design offers split finish options for the exterior and interior for versatility of colors and aesthetic
  • Thermal struts that creates a non-conductive bridge between the outside and the inside of the door
  • Wider and taller than typical swing doors
  • Concealed multi-point locking system for ease of operation and security
  • Inswing and Outswing configurations
  • Flush threshold options
  • Commercial options including panic hardware
  • Clear & bronze anodized, and white in-stock finishes or create a distinctive color
  • Hardware finishes available in stainless or bronze
  • Wide range of glazing options for improved thermal performance
  • Unique narrow door profiles to match our folding and multi slide doors

Options Include

  • Over-sized panels
  • Inswing or outswing options


LaCantina Doors offer a wide range of in-stock, optional and custom colors. These color options will allow you to complement or match virtually almost any color for your project needs.

Clear Anodized

A wide range of the most popular colors in the marketplace today.

Fast Track White

LaCantina Doors offers custom color matching to virtually any color. A 2-coat 70% Kynar is the standard finish. Multi-coat, metallic and premium powder coat finishes can be specified for your project needs.

These 6 popular decoral wood grain powder coat finishes are also available.

Light Douglas Fir
Light Douglas Fir


LaCantina Doors Swing System features the highest quality hardware and components for increased durability and ease of operation. This Swing System hardware is available with a multi-point lock in a stainless, bronze or black finish.

swing ss handle
Exterior Handle
Stainless Steel

Glass Information

Dual glazed tempered glass is standard on all LaCantina Door systems. And our glass comes with a protective film to prevent your windows from getting scratched or damaged by dirt and debris. Simply remove the film once the project is completed.

For better energy performance, we feature low-E glass. Most commercially available glazing can be used, including tinted, obscure, laminated and single glazed. Laminated glass with SGP interlayer can be added for security or impact protection. In addition to our expansive range of glass options we offer Cardinal's latest innovation, Neat Glass designed to stay cleaner longer and reduce water spots in our low-E 270, 272 and 366 options.Should your project require customized glass please contact us to verify availability.