How LaCantina Doors Maximize Interior Spaces

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03 April 2021

When you first look at a LaCantina Door system, you may think that they are mostly about making it easy to access the outside. After all, these huge doors can open up entire walls, allowing you to invite the outside in – and then close the building back up, when the day is done.

All of that is true, but what’s interesting is that LaCantina Doors can also go a long way toward maximizing interior spaces. With this article, we’d like to highlight how these doors can not only make it easier for you to access the outside, but also to enjoy the space you have inside.

Normal Design Limitations

For a moment, let’s picture an interior space that has a couple of normal doors leading to the outside. Maybe it’s a pair of standard swinging doors, or maybe it’s a sliding door that measures just a few feet across. In this space, you will be limited on how you can complete your interior design. These limitations are based on a couple of key points –

  • Access to the doors. Obviously, you aren’t going to be able to place a piece of furniture right in front of the door, because no one would be able to get in and out easily. This would not only present a problem from a flow perspective, but it could also be a safety issue. You need to maintain easy access to the exits, so your furniture pieces will have to stay away from the doors.
  • Natural movement in the space. Beyond just not putting a chair, couch, or table right in front of a door, you will also want to maintain a logical path through the room to get from one point to the next. It would get old to awkwardly weave through the room when you just need to get to the door – even if the door itself is clear to open.

Both of these limiting factors can be eliminated when you opt for a LaCantina Door system. Since you can open up a huge section of the wall when you pull back the doors, you will have many more design options at your disposal. Picture where you would like to see the furniture in the room, and you can probably bring that vision to life – there will be very little standing in your way.

Reorient the Focus of the Room

In a residential setting, the furniture in a room is often oriented in one specific direction – toward the television. There’s nothing wrong with watching some television, but you might decide that you don’t want to design the entire space around looking toward a screen. This is especially true if you live in a beautiful area where outstanding scenery is waiting just outside.

With a LaCantina Door system, you can think about orienting everything towards the outside. This is easier to do from a practical perspective because of the points mentioned above, and it will also be more appealing when you know you can open up the whole wall for an immersive view. Simply put, the ability to open up a wall with a LaCantina folding or sliding door system can change the way you look at your indoor space.