Increase Your Home’s Natural Light Using These Tips

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14 November 2019

Natural light can bring many benefits to your home and your life. A good natural light source can brighten a room, save on lighting costs, and boost your mood and overall wellness. Best of all, it doesn’t have to take an expensive or time-consuming remodel. Here’s how you can increase your home’s natural light using these tips.

Color Palette

A lighter color palette automatically brightens a room. Natural light reflects more off of whites and lighter colors than it does blacks and other dark colors. There are many ways to lighten a room’s color palette. Perhaps it’s time for a re-paint or a furniture replacement. You can also get lighter carpets, tiles, or wooden floors. If you have a hardwood surface, make sure it’s well-polished to help reflect more light.


Window upgrades are, of course, an incredible way to increase your home’s natural light. Larger windows that are placed higher along walls are more likely to catch sunlight. Frames that are thinner and made with lighter-colored materials—such as the Milgard Tuscany single hung windows—will also work to brighten a room.

Remove Obstructions

You want the sunlight to have a clear path through your windows and into your room. Make sure any furniture that could block the light is placed away from the windows. If you have dark or heavy curtains, consider replacements that are lighter in both fabric and color. Not every natural lighting solution is interior, either. Look around your house’s exterior for anything that might be obstructing the light. Trees and other plant life growing near windows will cast a shadow into your home, so keep them trimmed and neat in order to get as much sunlight as possible.

Reflective Surfaces

Just like with light colors, reflective surfaces will reflect any light and make a room naturally brighter. Mirrors are an obvious way to do this, but you can also achieve the same effect with polished furniture, countertops, backsplashes, or hardwood floors.