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Single Hung Window

Strong, Tested and Reliable

Single Hung Windows 
Exclusively from Win-Dor

WinDor's 1550 Single-Hung window offers a high quality vinyl window, with an aluminum reinforced frame for added strength. The single hung window has a clean classic style with a fixed top sash, and a bottom sash that slides up to allow fresh air in.

All of these features add up to a window that clients love.

Innovative, Durable and Low Maintenance

Win Dor 1550 Sliding Window Lock Mechanism Horizontal
1550 Lock
Horizontal Slider Window No Grid
No Grids
clear glass

A Variety of Color Options

Popular Choices, Energy Efficient and Low Maintenance

[PDF] Download Color Chart

Every window and door manufactured by Win-Dor Systems is made from the highest quality 100% virgin vinyl available, extruded in either white or beige.  Colors are consistent throughout the products, hardened to stand up to the harshest elements and will never peel, chip or need paint.


A variety of popular painted exterior coating options are available.  Each color is bonded onto the vinyl surface and adds an element of heat reflectivity.  All of our painted finishes are scratch and chip resistant, made to withstand the elements and formulated for optimal energy efficiency.

Dk Bronze (Coated)

Additional exterior colors are available. The semi-custom color family of colors may require longer production lead-times. Please consult the factory for additional information.

Silver (Coated)

WinShield® is a specialty laminate made from multiple layers of durable and highly reflective materials. Each layer adds to its strength and heat reflectivity. The laminate is bonded to the vinyl using a specialized process. WinShield’s unique technology performs incredibly well even in extreme environments. It is virtually maintenance-free, much more durable than traditional paints used by others, and provides a consistent color that can be carried across multiple products reducing variations.